Thursday, February 16, 2012

A couple of updates

Ive deleted my tumblr for many reason, but its just not the place for me anymore. Its a childish site that might keep me from growing up, so i had to rid myself of it. I guess thats really all for that portion of the update.
Jobcorps in VA called me today, asked me some questions about "what it is i wanted to accomplish by going to jobcorps and the trade i wanted", when i told him in wanted in for electrician he told me "electrician is full". WTF? the lady sent me there because i wanted electrician and you're telling me its full? so i told him to put me on the waiting list for electrician. EVERYTHING i want to go to jobcorps for is always full, Computer Service Tech and now electrician, smh i feel like something is trying to stop me. In the mean time ima look for a job and try to get my ged.

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