Friday, February 10, 2012

The whole Jobcorps thing

For the past few month ive been talking to jobcorps, filling out papers, making arrangements, etc. I still REALLY don't want to go through with it, the only reason I'm going is to get my GED. I would have preferred going to a school to get my GED but my parents are so, UGH. They tend to think i back out of shit and call me lazy just because i want to do things my way and not their way, no matter what i chose to do, if they didn't come up with it, they are disappointed. So I'm probably going to go through with jobcorps even though there are a bunch of things i cant stand about it.

They don't advise you to bring your laptop or anything of value because it probably will get stolen, EVEN if i were to bring my laptop 90% of websites are blocked. I know Im not there to have fun and shit but on my free time id like to contact my friends and family via skype or oovoo, you know? and its required that you are there for 2 years now...2 years without that type of contact? there are a bunch of other things that are going to drive me crazy as well.. I DON'T want to go..

I think what ima end up doing is, study my ass off for this GED test and then go to the collage here in charlotte and just try to take the test and pass it. All i really want to do is to attend an art school in NY for cartoon animation, i don't want to spend 2 years of my life in jobcorps just to do that. I think the main problem in making this decision is my parents, they are always down my throat about stuff like this, i wish they would understand and support me instead of downing and belittling me.

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